Banda Aceh, November 14-17, 2023, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Universitas Syiah Kuala (FVM USK) conducted a Capacity Building Training for Frontline Animal Health Workers in the Aceh Province in the Control and Mitigation of Livestock Disease Outbreaks in the Indonesian Cattle Farming Sector, on Friday (17/11/2023).

This activity was carried out with the support of a collaboration between the Indonesian Association of Veterinary Medicine Faculties (AFKHI) and the Indonesia Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership (IARMCP). The implementation took place at two locations, namely at Hotel Diana in Banda Aceh for the training material and at Gampong Cot Preh, Kuta Baro District, Aceh Besar Regency for field simulation activities.

FVM USK Dean, Drh. Teuku Reza Ferasyi, MSc., PhD., conveyed that in this collaborative effort with AFKHI and IARMCP, FVM USK was entrusted to manage three batches of training activities with centers in Banda Aceh, Langsa, and Medan.
For the first batch of activities in Banda Aceh, 30 participants from various departments or institutions responsible for livestock functions in 9 regencies/cities and representatives of the Aceh Livestock Department were involved.

Subsequent activities will be conducted in December 2023 in Medan and January 2024 in Langsa, each involving 30 participants from various regencies/cities in the Aceh and North Sumatra provinces.

The training involved national facilitators, including Drh. Sulistio Budi Sulistyo and Drh. Dewi Anggreini, MM, as well as one local facilitator from FKH USK, Prof. Dr. Drh. M. Hanafiah, M.P. Participants were quarantined at Hotel Diana for four days to fully engage in the activities.

The training content included the basics of epidemiology, one health concepts, and outbreak investigation combined with simulated field investigations of animal diseases.

The opening of the event was carried out by the Head of the Aceh Livestock Department, Mr. Zalsufran, ST, M.Si. In his speech, he welcomed the training activities conducted by FKH USK, expressing hope that through this training, Aceh’s need for frontline animal health workers would be met. These workers can aid the local government’s efforts to eliminate infectious animal diseases and zoonoses still reported in Aceh.

One such disease is brucellosis, which continues to be found in several regencies/cities. Therefore, with the capacity-building training for frontline animal health workers, it is expected to support the local government’s strategies and efforts to eradicate such diseases.

He expressed sincere gratitude for the initiative of the training activities carried out by FKH USK as a close partner to the Aceh Livestock Department.

The opening of the training event was also attended by the Head of the Class I Agricultural Quarantine Station in Banda Aceh, the Head of the Agriculture Department in Aceh Besar Regency, and the Head of the Kuta Baro Animal Health Center (Puskeswan), Aceh Besar. All these entities are important partners in strengthening frontline health workers in Aceh.