In order to increase environmental awareness, especially for students with economic limitations, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Syiah Kuala University (FVM USK), continues its program Jum’at Berkah: Giving to Share. To mark the sustainability of this program in 2024, a launching event was held on Friday, March 1, 2024, at the An-Nahl Mosque, FVM USK.

The event was attended by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Mustanir, MSc., Dean of FVM USK, Drh. Teuku Reza Ferasyi, M.Sc., PhD., vice deans of FVM USK, faculty members, staff, activity organizers, and students, especially from the Student Activity Unit of An-Nahl, along with student recipients of lunch packages. In his speech at the event, the Dean of FVM USK stated that this program had been organized and carried out regularly since 2023. The organizers receive lunch package donations, both in the form of money and ready-to-eat meals, from various parties, both internal to FKH USK and external, including from outside Aceh. Alhamdulillah, with increasingly organized management, they have been able to provide 50 packages every Friday. The distribution of packages is done at the An-Nahl Mosque to selected recipients chosen by the organizers. Recipients will change for each distribution schedule to ensure fair distribution to those in need. The Dean expressed gratitude and prayed that those who have generously contributed to the Jum’at Berkah FVM USK program will be rewarded by Allah SWT.

Furthermore, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Entrepreneurship expressed appreciation for the organizers of the Jum’at Berkah FVM USK program. This is a program that reflects the vision and mission of USK as a socio-technopreneur-based university, emphasizing social aspects. This includes caring for students with economic limitations through the assistance of Jum’at Berkah packages. The implementation of this program will serve as a good example for other faculties within USK to also implement similar programs in the future. He hoped that this activity would continue and receive even broader support in the future. On this occasion, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Entrepreneurship also provided a donation for this worthy program.

The launching event concluded with the distribution of Jum’at Berkah packages to students who were selected as recipients on Friday, March 1, 2024. During the month of Ramadan, the packages will be modified to iftar packages for the students. For those who intend to contribute as donors to the Jum’at Berkah: Giving to Share program at FVM USK, they can contact the organizers: Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Partnerships, FVM USK, or Program Coordinator, Drh. M. Jalaluddin, MSc. (HP/WA: 0812-2756-0774).