Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK), through the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM), has launched the “Gerakan Atasi Stunting di Aceh Bersama” (GASEH MA) program to prevent stunting in the Aceh Besar District.

“This program is a collaboration involving various parties, with the aim of supporting efforts to control stunting cases through collaboration and coordination across various sectors in the Aceh Province,” said Dean of the FVM USK, Teuku Reza Ferasyi, in Aceh Besar on Wednesday.

He made this statement during the launch of the GASEH MA program at the Kuta Baro Sub-District Office, attended by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at USK, Prof. Agussabti, and the Secretary of Aceh Besar, Sulaimi.

He explained that the program also aims to support the realization of a community-based self-reliant pilot project to meet nutritional needs from safe, healthy, intact, and halal animal-based food sources from the surrounding environment.

The Dean of FVM mentioned that to maximize the program, the FVM has deployed 75 lecturers, 150 students, and educational staff to ensure the success of the GASEH MA program.

He stated that these activities will take place repeatedly over several weeks in October 2023, with locations chosen in three selected villages, including one village supported by the Aceh High Prosecutor’s Office for stunting prevention in the Kuta Baro Sub-District.

“Hopefully, this collaboration can address the issue of stunting in the community. This community service program is part of the activities commemorating the 63rd Anniversary of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Syiah Kuala University,” he added.

The Secretary of Aceh Besar, Sulaimi, welcomed the stunting prevention program because stunting cases are still high in the local district.

“We should appreciate this program because it is very beneficial in addressing the issue of stunting in the Aceh Besar community, especially in Kuta Baro,” he said.