Saturday, February 4, 2023. Banda Aceh. Recent graduates of the Universitas Syiah Kuala Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have a job offer in their hands in as many as 88%. The USK FKH Dean, Drh. Teuku Reza Ferasyi, M.Sc., PhD, stated this information while introducing and Oath-taking to the new graduate on the FVM-USK. 

T. Reza Ferasyi said that of the 103 new veterinarians the USK FKH graduated between November 22, 2022, and January 23, 2023, 88% had been approved for employment. Reza Ferasyi believed that this accomplishment honored FKH as an organization and inspired other FKH students to take this veterinary field seriously. 

T. Reza Ferasyi also congratulated and thanked the parents and families who had trusted FVM USK with the education of their children on this occasion. He also believes that the knowledge they have acquired can significantly advance society. 

“Alhamdulillah, all 103 of the new veterinarians who took the competency test passed. Up to 88% of these graduates have also received job offers. Hopefully, the skills and knowledge acquired will be valuable for treating both human and animal health, ” the Dean added.

Additionally present at the ceremony, USK Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan expressed his congratulations and pride in the accomplishments of the graduates. In order to succeed, the Chancellor counseled them to apply their newfound knowledge responsibly and to uphold their moral principles at work.