The Anatomy Laboratory is an educational and research laboratory in the field of Macro Anatomy and Micro Anatomy. The courses accompanied by practicum are Veterinary Anatomy I, Veterinary Anatomy II, Veterinary Anatomy III, Macro Anatomy, and Livestock Anatomy.

The Anatomy Laboratory in carrying out practicum services, provides practicum materials in the form of whole skeletons (skeletons of cows, goats, pigs, reptiles, and poultry), besides that the bones of the skeletons have been separated according to the region, as well as wet preparations (cow, goat and poultry preparations) that have been prepared according to the practicum material, including respiration organs, digesti, feminine genetalia and musculina, and the brain. In supporting practicum services, the Anatomy Laboratory facilitates and provides practicum guides in the form of modules, osteology atlases, and neuroangiological atlases, as well as modules in online form that can be accessed via the  Unsyiah E-learning portal.

The Anatomy Laboratory in improving the quality of research in the field of Micro Anatomy, already has microtechnical equipment, and a light microscope that has been connected to the Optilab Sigma camera where the coloring results can be read directly in the Top View application  and can be visualized with the help of a monitor screen.

The Anatomy Laboratory also provides posters of the research results of the Anatomy Laboratory team as a learning medium for students. The Anatomy Laboratory will continue to provide the best service for students and researchers, as well as trying to improve the quality of management, services, and human resources.



To become a laboratory that serves the fields of education, research and community service in the field of Veterinary Anatomy which is leading in Indonesia.


1.   Organizing quality Veterinary Anatomy practicum education activities to support Veterinary Anatomy lectures

2.   Facilitating research activities of students and lecturers for the development of science and technology in the field of Veterinary Anatomy

3.   Carry out community service activities in the field of Veterinary Anatomy

4.   Contribute to producing graduates who are competent and master the science of Veterinary Anatomy


1.   To become a practicum education laboratory in the field of Veterinary Anatomy that prioritizes quality and innovation in serving students

2.   Providing practicum facilities for students and lecturers in the fields of Macro Anatomy and Micro Anatomy

3.   Providing community service by providing an introduction to the science of Veterinary Anatomy to elementary, middle, and upper level students

4.   Equipping students (S1 and D3) with Veterinary Anatomy sciences that will support other veterner sciences





Collection of Osteology Preparations

Light microscope equipped with Sigma Camera and monitor

Scientific Publication Poster by Anatomy Laboratory Teaching Team

Animal World Education for Elementary to Senior High School


drh. M. Jalaluddin, M.Sc

Laboratory of Anatomy

drh. Fadli A. Gani, M.Si

Laboratory of Anatomy

Dr. drh. Sri Wahyuni, M.Si

Laboratory of Anatomy

Dr. drh. Hamny, M.Si

Laboratory of Anatomy

drh. Mudhita Zikkrullah Ritonga, S.KH.

Laboratory of Anatomy

drh. Lailia Dwi Kusuma Wardhani, M.Si.

Laboratory of Anatomy