Teaching and Production Farm Broiler 

JAPFA’s hatchery covers an area of 6.2 hectares in Seulimeum village, Aceh Besar. The construction of this hatchery is intended to meet the growing needs of the domestic market in Aceh and its surroundings. This is also a manifestation of JAPFA’s commitment to be able to assist local farmers in providing quality broiler chicks and support food self-sufficiency, especially in providing animal protein supplies for the community.

The hatchery will also help provide new job opportunities for the community around Seulimeum, where JAPFA will employ 94% of the total number of workers needed from the local area.

Collaboration JAPFA and USK Teaching Farm

Besides Hatchery, on the same day, JAPFA also inaugurated the Teaching Farm in collaboration with Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK). The research facility, which was built in Ie Su’um Village, Masjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar Regency, is planned to start supplying Chick In on this October. This collaboration, which was warmly welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine USK is a form of JAPFA’s contribution on the field of education.

“In line with JAPFA’s value of Moving Towards Mutual Prosperity, JAPFA is committed to improving the quality of the nation’s children. Therefore, JAPFA synergizes with the government and academia in creating superior human resources to realize an advanced Indonesia 2045,” said Anwar Tandiono (Acai), Head of Feed Operation Unit Medan & Padang Indojaya.

The facilities built by JAPFA consist of 3 cage units, namely: Commercial Farm Closed House with a capacity of 10,000 birds, Commercial Farm Open House Stage with a capacity of 5,500 individuals, and Commercial Farm Open House Postal with a capacity of 4,500 individuals. Each cage has a size of 8x70m and is equipped with livestock support facilities in the form of feeders, drinking places, fans, blowers, and chicken heating machines (Gasolek).

Dr. dr. Muhammad Hambal, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Universitas Syiah Kuala added, “We really appreciate JAPFA’s support, with this contribution, our students will be able to directly learn and practice in the field, starting from livestock raising, livestock health monitoring, biosecurity, to the business management functions of the livestock industry. , that way we are optimistic that we can prepare our students to be ready to enter the livestock industry”.